Chris-chan Explains it All

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14 Responses to Chris-chan Explains it All

  1. lordtak says:

    i feel sick why does he even exist

  2. MobilePissCannon says:

    “Good semen count”
    I cracked up.

  3. chilly162 says:

    This should be the most popular chris chan vid of all time. It really give you insight into how mentally unstable he is. I mean who doesn’t drink their own semen at shit themselves?

  4. MeanLinds says:

    every sperm is sacred
    every sperm is good
    every sperm is needed
    in your neighbourhood

    so let the heathens spill theirs
    on the dusty ground
    chris-chan will do better
    gulping his sperm down

  5. rawrz255 says:

    He’s getting horny just talking about it.

  6. TheRoninkin says:

    He seems to think hes a Semen dispenser with a hole to put it back once hes done. Sooo..basically he cums ina cup, pours soda into cup for “Flavor”, it goes down salty, shits his pants, annnnd wears adult diapers. Whom spanks himself also on camera.
    WE HAVE A WINNER! Also fyi the soda would kill the semen not to mention the acid in his belly. Also prolly gets stuck on the way down without the soda lol, choughin up his “Navy” my Paris Hilton.

  7. DrFuckingPepper says:

    Now, if I see this guy out on the street, is there a certain organization that I should call, like a Hospital or the Police or something?

  8. 6mokachino9 says:

    of course he masturbates. why else would he have a duel shock controller in all his videos?

  9. 6mokachino9 says:

    summary: stardate who gives a fuck? i jerk off. i drink my own cum you should do it too. adults are emo. i wore diapers and took pictures. but i dont wear them. i wear tidie whities. i feel stressed. i poop my pants. who hasnt? (everyone has, when they were 1 or 2) im a healthy over 26 year overweight virgin. treat me as an equal. i sent the pics to vannessa and julie. have a nice day im gonna jerk off to a sonichu plush.

  10. doyouwash1 says:

    Where does the euphemism “navy” for semen come from?

  11. DarksiderDarmoset says:

    Why did he make this video?

  12. DrFuckingPepper says:

    Between listening to your ramblings and realizing that God doesn’t exist (because of your strange birth, Chris) I just pooed my pants.

    But who hasn’t, Chris?

  13. Kynergy says:


  14. hemightbegiant says:

    “recycle my own semen so I don’t waste any unborn children”

    what the fuk what the fuck what the fuck

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