The Vulva Massage

Everyone likes a good massage.  It’s relaxing, and it loosens the muscles. However, did you know that there’s a different kind of massage you can use during sex?  It’s the vulva massage.  That’s right, you massage her vulva.  I’m not talking about that “warm apple pie” nonsense that has misled men for years, I’m talking about taking care of her genitals in a way that makes her responsive to your touch. 

Before we continue, let’s do a refresher on what exactly the vulva is.  In it a nutshell, it’s the lady bits.  The major parts of the vulva include the labia majora, the labia menora, the clitoris and clitoral hood, the vagina, and the perineum.  All of these are utilized in a good vulva massage.  They all provides sensations superior to vaginal penetration alone.  Let me repeat this concept for effect: vaginal penetration alone does not get a woman off!  You must learn to utilize all parts of the vulva for optimum satisfaction.  Here are just a few of the many techniques that may be applied. 

1)     “Hello” technique.

This is named aptly for two reasons: it mimics a wave, and it’s an excellent technique to use in your approach.  With her legs spread, face her sitting between her legs or to one side.  Raise your hand as if you’re waving, and cup her entire vulva with it.  Move your palm in slow, gentle circles.  Whether you do so in clockwise or counterclockwise motions is up to you and your partner.  This move gives indirect stimulation to the clitoris, amping up her arousal.

2)     The Labia Glide

This is a two-handed exercise, and can be done with either full palms or just your thumbs.  With one had on each of her labia majora (aka the big lips), you want to glide your palms or thumbs up and down along the labia.  This can then be broken down into two sub-categories:

a)     Move your hands together.  If you stroke up, both hands stroke up.  If you stroke down, both stroke down.  She will feel your hands rubbing along the sides of her clitoris.

b)     Move your hands in opposition.  This provides more indirect stimulation of her clitoris.  The labia will rub against it as they rub against each other, making for some very sweet friction.

3)     The Spread and Squeeze

This technique is to balance the Labia Glide.  Still concentrating on the labia majora, take them in between your thumb and forefinger and pinch them together.  Then use your fingers to spread them apart.  Repeat in a slow, rhythmic motion.  It is best used if you position this technique directly over her clitoris.  If she is super sensitive, this may even make her cum!

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